9. January 2014
by Morten Brunbjerg Bech

How To Make a Horizontal Ordered List With CSS

The digital services in Danish public libraries are not known for offering the best user experience. More often than not, it requires detailed explanations and step-by-step walkthroughs before you get to the content. It is all due to copyright agreements … Continue reading

Pixelkit Modern Touch UI kit - Bootstrap themes

If you are in need of a splash of color on your web site, you can get beautiful premium UI kits on Pixelkit.com.

If you belong to those who think Bootstrap is an awesome starting point for building web sites, Pixelkit has also made some Bootstrap themes which you can get for free on GitHub. If, like me, you are less enthusiastic about HTML and CSS frameworks, you can always get inspired by the nice designs, choice of color, and perhaps the CSS.

Pixelkit Bootstrap UI Kits on GitHub