The easiest and the fastest way to create custom and high quality code for your WordPress project using the latest WordPress coding standards and API’s.

GenerateWP is a tool for WordPress developers. The tool makes it easy to create the code snippets you need for your theme or plugin, without having to write everything from the bottom. The output is easy to copy/paste.

Try out GenerateWP here

Licecap Screendump
Did you ever wonder how to turn a piece of video into one of those gif animations, that seem to be everywhere these days? Here is an easy way. Download and install LICEcap.

LICEcap is a tiny tool which makes gif animations from any part of your screen. Besides from video gifs, it is very well suited for instructions or guides. There is an app for both Windows and Mac.

Download LICEcap here

Apple Devices Flat Design
If you are in need of some nice looking device mockups for showing off your design skills in your portfolio, Graphic Burger has a PSD with a huge collection of Apple devices. The PSD file includes mockups of iPhone, iPad, iMac og Macbook with different viewing angles in which you can easily paste in your work.

Download Flat Apple Devices MockUp on Graphic Burger

Coveloping is a collection of tools which makes life a bit easier for web developers. The collection includes code generators for CSS etc. as well as test and conversion tools.

Find the right tool for your web development here

Linotype FontExplorer til macWhich font do you need for your current project? That can be a bit tricky to get an overview of, while working in your favorite DTP or graphics application. A font management tool helps you get an overview of the fonts that are available on your computer and makes it easier to compare them.

Font management applications are rarely free. But if you can make do with an older model, Linotype FontExplorer X ver. 1.2.3 for mac is still free. I use it myself and it works like a charm.

Get the old version of Linotype FontExplorer X for mac at Softpedia

Pixelkit Modern Touch UI kit - Bootstrap themes

If you are in need of a splash of color on your web site, you can get beautiful premium UI kits on

If you belong to those who think Bootstrap is an awesome starting point for building web sites, Pixelkit has also made some Bootstrap themes which you can get for free on GitHub. If, like me, you are less enthusiastic about HTML and CSS frameworks, you can always get inspired by the nice designs, choice of color, and perhaps the CSS.

Pixelkit Bootstrap UI Kits on GitHub