4 Outdated Web Features That Should Disappear


Mashable asked 12 entrepeneurs which web site features small businesses should avoid at all costs. It is not everything on this list I find equally relevant and some of it is obvious. But there are especially 4 web features I would seriously consider discarding in any upcoming web projects:

1. Image Carousels

Nr. 3 on Mashable’s list. This kind of content element has some serious usability- as well as performance issues. I discussed this in a previous post. Use them only if you know exactly what you are doing.

2. Large Hero Images

Nr. 4 on Mashable’s list. A lot of web sites feature a gigantic image in the header which partly pushes the real content way too far below the fold, partly is too heavy to download. I would suggest limiting the use of this kind of element.

3. Automated Pop-ups

Nr. 8 on Mashable’s list. Lately, it has become kind of a trend to put a modal overlay or pop-up on landing pages, prompting the user for signing up to newsletters. See also Brad Frost’s “Bullshit Overlays”. This kind of UI element just has to die.

4. M.dot Sites

Nr. 12 on Mashable’s list. A lot of web sites are redirecting mobile users to a special mobile version of their site, ususally starting with an m, for instance “m.facebook.com”. It is extremely annoying for a lot of users, especially if executed incorrectly, so users are directed away from where they originally landed. Go make a responsive web site instead.

Translations: Danish

Author: Morten Brunbjerg Bech

Webdesigner, front end udvikler og bibliotekar. Arbejder primært med udvikling og design af Horsens Kommunes Bibliotekers webløsninger og er specialist i semantisk strukturering af webdokumenter samt Adobe Photoshop og Illustrator.

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